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A recording artist, a multi-genre songwriter, and a publisher.

From a strong core background in christianity, he had started his official recording career since 2017. His first ever recorded album was officially released on December 25th, 2017 with an album title name Koinonia, The title of the album Koinonia is a word of language originated by Greek, meaning Fellowship in English. Which further mean a communion in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and of thy Holy Spirit. All the songs that were included on the Koinonia album were written by him. Mainly, in English and Mizo he wrote his first ever album Koinonia. As a recording artist, he is the primary artist, not only on Koinonia album, but to all his albums that had ever been released till now.

Being a multi-genre songwriter, all releases that has ever been released by him were all his writing, he is the main author/composer to all his releases, excluding cover songs of his releases. He wrote love song and christian song, which in hand he turn around into a pop application base of genre.

In his recording field, he had his collaboration with few artists and musicians who are ready to collaborate with him on his songwriting, some of his collaborative network were from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and India. Being so independently self-motivated recording artist, he had his own direction of motivational network into his own desire direction of recording music.

So far, he had his fifteen (15) catalogues released including cover songs, and twenty-four (24) streamable music videos published.

His music videos, recorded audios releases could be check further on the other pages of this website. All recorded audios and videos are fully free streamable, but all videos and cover songs releases are not downloadable. 


To get his own audio records downloaded, show some support in contributing some amount in any desire price starting from $ 1 - $ 2000 dollar. Downloadable albums are available on the music page on this website.

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