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Achy Breaky Heart

Today's marked the date of a two (2) years since I released one of my cover song "Achy Breaky Heart", that breaky breaky heart song. This kind of a day is great to be memorized as it's a kind of day to be truly remember once in a year. The song originally written by Donald Von Tress, and an original artist Billy Ray Cyrus. Once in a lifetime of an achy breaky hearted song.

Cover Artwork of Achy Breaky Heart
Cover Artwork of Achy Breaky Heart

As it has been two (2) years now, I would like to share out how the production in an audio and video has been made. So, let me start with an audio production, this cover song has been made while I was in the United Sates of America back in the month and year September 2019. Having being there, I was thinking of covering this song. Well, I first made a contact to Jack Haigh and discuss about the production of this cover song, he agreed to contribute his work on making a guitar play for this simple project that I had, and was completed on September 11th, 2019. As the backing guitar track has been final from Jack, I booked one of a recording studio in Dallas, Texas, United States, and had my master recording on September 12th, 2019 at the Luminous Sound. The engineer was quite a professional to sort out all my issue in regard to this studio recording production, the name of my engineer is Armando Ortiz. As this is the first time I drag my soul inside the recording studio in the United States of America, the studio where I had my recording is so well established and professional, also one of an engineer is a Grammy Awards winning engineer. While I had my first walk-in for this project, I said to myself "Wow! This is exactly where my place to be to had my kinda recording". Well, it was nice to have myself book an Uber and straight to the recording studio with just an ordinary Tourist/Business US Visa.

Me with Tre & Armando at their Luminous Sound in Dallas, TX, USA.
With Tre & Armando

So, after an audio production has been mastered by a professional engineer from Luminous Sound, I contact a TuneLicensing Team for a cover song licensing, and submitted all my details and the work I had for released and distribution to a major platform. And on the next day, I've got the cover song license granted for release and distribution. Since I received an approval for release and distribution, I set the date and time for distributing and releasing this cover song "Achy Breaky Heart".

Proof of a mechanical license on Achy Breaky Heart
Cover Song Licensed on Achey Breaky Heart

I first had my released and distributed this cover song through TuneCore, later on changed my record distributional network to Symphonic Distribution for a year, and now with my current distribution and sound recording agreement AWAL (Kobalt Music Group). An audio is available for streaming and downloading in many major platform like Spotify, YouTube Music, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, etc.

So, since I had set the released date while I was still in the United States, and as my going back to my country India is near, I had made a contact to my well known people in Mizoram, India for a music video production. Sending mastered audio file for a dance practice and so on. As I return back to India, on September 19th, 2019, the shooting for a music video on Achy Breaky Heart has been started. The video was shoot in one of the well known stadium in Mualpui Stadium, shooting on the side of the Stadium while there''re some people footballing and practicing around. The video production team and the dance team were trying there best to have my music video well nice.

While shooting a video for Achy Breaky Heart at Mualpui Stadium, Mizoram.
Video shooting on Achy Breaky Heart

They do their best to support the visualization on my music video as they told me so.

While shooting a video for Achy Breaky Heart at Mualpui Stadium, Mizoram.
Video shooting on ABH

First, it was raining while we try to move down to the stadium ground to started the video shooting, that make us wait for sometimes, and after the raindrop has been gone, we make a move down to the side of the stadium tracking area to start the music video production, and somehow, we finally had it completed on that date itself. And this music video has been mastered on the same week by the BilyWaif Films, whom I called my best video production team, whom I had make a music videos in most of my music video publishes.

Music Video has been published on September 30th, 2019, on the released date of the single cover album. Available on my YouTube Official Artist Channel and on my Facebook Page.

Capture at Mualpui Stadium, Mizoram.
With the video production team

Capture at Mualpui Stadium, Mizoram.
With the dance team

So, now, I'll come into conclusion on my writing on displaying a very productive and progressive year of 2019 on one of my cover song Achy Breaky Heart. Since then, it's 2021 today, the September 30th, a second year of the released date of Achy Breaky Heart. It's nice to recall back around the timeline from the source to the present day.


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