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Ordinated & Awarded

The 9th February 2019, the ordination day, the date that Vanlalchhanhima Ralte has been Officially Ordinated by the Universal Life Church Ministries. He is now been part of the Universal Life Church Ministries in all kind of the ministries related networks. The same date he has been awarded the degree of "Doctor of Divinity" by the ministries.

Awarded an Honorary Religious Title of "Minister of Music" & "Missionary of Music" on the same date that he has been Officially Ordinated.

"From the level of diminishing to any level in life, there's only God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit" - Vanlalchhanhima Ralte (Dually Doctor Degree Holder)

For his upcoming album, which is currently undergoing project, he is sharing one of his songwriting which he had finished writing and arranging all set of the developing engine on 29th December 2018 at 1:29 AM IST. Providing the songwriting below:


Song Title: "Glory to God"

Verse (1):

"I was a sinner, born as a sinner,

sinner as I came to this world.

Taking all the footstep of sins in life,

like an adventure and for all."


"Glory to God, for the Lord Jesus Christ, die for me, die for all."

Verse (2):

"An armour of God, is now who I am,

Equipped by thy strong loving arms.

Gone are the footstep, to an inferno,

no more road to hell of condemned."


"Glory to God, for the Lord Jesus Christ, die for me, die for all."

Verse (3):

"I will declare my thanksgiving to God,

I will rejoice thy communion.

I will forever, praise thy Holy God,

declaring it, through out the world."


"Glory to God, for the Lord Jesus Christ, die for me, die for all."

This is how he define about his "Glory to God" songwriting:

"The first verse define how much sinners I came to know myself since ever I was born on this world, been going through ever negativity steps of sins in life, internally and externally having an experiences of the road of an underground ruler. Want to go positive but couldn't as the negativity magnet is too effective in life. And the second verse define me that when I came to know and learn more about the love of God through thy Holy Son Jesus Christ, there is not a lots more to say other than giving thanks for the love that has fully filled me in from the negativity world to a positive world, that drive out all the negativity world into a positivity world of transaction, the speed that even uncatchable. And the final verse define that I will always declare the love of thy thankful God that saved me through thy Holy Son Jesus Christ at the Calvary Cross, even more as capability as I am and for the world. So, let's wrap with the chorus that worthy is thy Holy God that is Praise, Glorify thy name through out the world for the love that had been given to me and for all."

Thanks be to God a trillions of times for there is none like the love of God through thy Holy Son Jesus Christ and of thy Holy Spirit. And everlasting God, the past, the present, and the future. The same yesterday, today and forever. The one and only hope where there is no hope, the one and only faith where there is no faith, the one and only love where there is no love. An infinite loved.


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