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"Royal In Love" in depth about the lyric

It was such a peaceful day while writing this song, it was in an afternoon that I’m resting on my bed and covering myself with a duvet. The weather wasn’t that sunny the day I start writing the lyric. While covering myself with a duvet on my bed, I hold my smartphone and I was exploring an Instagram around from my account. This was actually during the funeral service of the Great Queen Elizabeth II, that’s in the month of September 2022. While browsing around an Instagram explore, I saw a very young Princess name Leonor who was actually a true Princess of Asturias. That’s the first time I had ever came to start knowing about Princess Leonor.

Then, I opened the notepad from my smartphone and start writing the words, the lyric.

Since then, there’s something that’s telling me about how the Royal Family hold their love so true in oneness for the rest of their life, holding their title as it meant to be in love to be followed by all generation and the coming generation. They’re meant to be what they’re meant to be in their circle of love. While looking at so many worlds through our generation, there seems to be so many brokenness, separation, divorced and that one cannot just rely on one. Sometime I wonder why the proclamation we had to be loved and to love forever seems so inconvenience into this modern generation, even the Church marriage. It seems to be a nature of this generation, looks like. Looking back the historical love while Shakespeare seems to have so much words of fact and a perfection in love, where is the perfection of oneness that meant straight to the point of love.

Let me now come into my conclusion about an in depth to the lyric, though many obstacles may have their appearances in our love line and of life, let love be the life that hold us together as one, and the title to our heart for us all, and to all future generation to be established.

The Lyric:

"Sometime I wonder why the royalty in love seems so broken,

Broken down in pieces like there’s no place in the castle.

Why the perfection for an existing seems so gone,

Looking through the world that has been revolved round in circle.

Once such a Shakespeare in love was enough to hold,

Where arts thou love as it meant to be

together in love?

Just like a Royal Prince,

Like Royal Princess,

Truly in love,

The Royal in love.

Leonor, the Princess of Asturias hold on,

Generation must held the title of love

into their life.

Just like a Royal Prince,

Like Royal Princess,

Truly in love,

The Royal in love."


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