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SoundCloud Profile Verified

Four (4) years after, since my SoundCloud profile has been actively going from 2018, it has now being verified after taking a verification step. Wow! With a current 281 millions of an all time plays on my SoundCloud profile. This has been a great progress showing an authenticity and proved of a real audio codes of publishing. Furthermore, being verified by one of the most popular and major platform of an audio sound Company like the German origin Company SoundCloud is one such a valuable asset to be trusted on, and reliable. Appreciated it!

Also, I would like to make an appreciation that SoundCloud has recently improving and developing it source of functionality in various filed like distribution and mastering. This is awesome for a great and truly sound lovers.

Having had all my mastered releases since 2017 been upfront on this platform for a full free listening, will further have more and more integrity to this awesome platform for every major outcome that are considerably approved.

YOLO! Thank you SoundCloud.

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte


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