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Specialization in Music Business

One interesting fact that the "Specialization in Music Business" is that it is a compact unique courses combination that got each line of segments of learning into various field of an observation and perception. What's on the music industry, from the history through this modern age of a digital world. It does provided a well equipped integrated programs of learning from different sources into the industry. Branding the music products (Album, EP/Single, etc.) with a clear fact of an identification, vision and an intention. Copyright law in a music industry, that define the law in composition and sound recording. The fact that define an entrepreneurship through the creativity of music, the networking through an experiencing in the formation of an organisational networks in the business called music. An integral formation of developing the network from the startup to the success. Failure plays one part of the step through the procedure of the developing and processing in the business, it's the key source of learning the mistakes to build into more trusted and valuable outcome. A strong foundation comes with a systematic flow through the process of developing career. So, thus all this integration come thorough in a whole lots of joyful and specialization stream.

Clear definition through the most talented and well established Berklee College of Music instructors like John Kellogg, Leah Waldo, E. Michael Harrington and Panos Panay.

Great Network!


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