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In the Name of Jesus on July 23rd, 2021.

My latest songwriting work on In the Name of Jesus will be released tomorrow i.e. July 23rd, 2021. I wrote this song on July 18th, 2021, that's on Sunday. The process of an audio production has been started since the date I had finished written down the lyric. The tools that has been used for developing the music has been my Traveler Guitar, a Redlands acoustic guitar with my portable Scarlett 2i2 Studio, and of course a Logic Pro and GarageBand, all access through an Apple MacBook Pro. The mixing and editing stage has been process on July 19th & 20th, 2021. A final audio file has been mastered by me on the 20th of July 2021.

The Cover Artwork arranged for this released has been pre-display here.

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte
Cover Artwork of In the Name of Jesus

The lyric of the song I had wrote contain an English, Hebrew, and Mizo languages. The majority of the words were in Mizo language, and that's my mother tongue. I've been learning how to pronounce Hebrew words for some reason in developing this song. Writing this song doesn't make me concern to my own self of writing, it's a kind of any who believed, and who had Jesus Christ as their strength in the journey of their life. Dedicated for all human kind whom Jesus had truly love, and who had a believed in the Name of Jesus.

The lyric has been display here.

Lyric of In the Name of Jesus:

"In the name of Jesus of Nazareth

Khawvel rinna karah hian

Sual hnathawh chu chui thiam zel in

Nun khua a hnen a hlan in

Sual hnathawh te ti mit zel in

Bashmo sal Yasus menazert

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth

Khawvel rinna a tlu te

Sual in a phuar mek te tan

Khua nun let a awm leh nan

Sual chu bei a hneh sak zel in

Bashmo sal Yasus menazert

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth

Khawvel rinna lo ngheh nan

Sual hneh a tho leh Isua chu

Nun khua a tan a thlang in

Sual hian in hmun a nei lo vang

Bashmo sal Yasus menazert

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth"

The music video has been made in one day, and that's on the July 20th, 2021. It has been shoot inside my recording studio. All the scenes that will be seen on the music video when it's available will be inside the recording studio. On the day of shooting, it took me shooting to my own self with a great authentic spiritual coping along with the sound of my new mastered audio. The words, the scripts of my lyrics written has been enlighten me very well on this process of making of the music video, it took me an hour with sweat and physical motivation more than ever. The application tools that I am using for making the music video is my Freevision VILTA-M Pro and of course my Huawei Smartphone that come with a very high resolution of capturing my physical motions. And, of course, for a final mastering of the video, I'm using Final Cut Pro and iMovie, that's come from an access right from my Apple MacBook Pro.

A few words I had while I had my shooting for this music video on July 20th, 2021 has been provided here with a video.

So, tomorrow (July 23rd, 2021), an audio and music video on In the Name of Jesus will be available to watch and listen here on my website. And, to my YouTube channel and Facebook page the music video will be available.

YouTube Premiere Link:


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