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Two Years of O' Jerusalem

This one is old, this one is classic, this one is history, but the living God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit does have it presences to those who so ever believed, Amen!

For God so loved the world, not so materialism things that has been love from thy Heavenly Father God, it is the world that has been loved by God, the world of a living being that God had truly created, the one with the heart, the mind, the spirit. It is God the Father that has been looking into the direction of the heart, mind, and spirit of its creation, the world. God's not so materialism, but of the heart, of the mind, and of the spirit that God has His Holy Spirit upon thy creation, the world. To the world that has been departed from thy direction of thy true living God, that thy Father God sent thy love for thy world to thy creation, the world. To the world that has been into the positive direction of the world, that thy Father God sent thy love for the positive direction to an eternity. Yes, to the positive materialism things that's matter to the world, that thy loving arms of love has been the greatest gift of all for those who so ever believed. For the heart, the mind, the spirit, the soul of the world whom the positive world has been diverted as of not knowing, it is let known through thy loving positive directional of concerning to let love and be loved. It is that those who ever believed had already chosen to let love, and for those who does not believed is yet under the consideration of the positivity world of condemnations and of judgements.

The world, that is a kind of a living creature, does come into life through thy living breath of life through thy Holy Father God. From a Garden of an Eden, Adam and Eve thy creation. As of a living life in God's created land, thy two creation are lovingly under the arms of God, but as of a positive temptation of an influences that occur through negativity to thy creation, both had failed and came apart from the loving arms of God, the creator. From the Father God given positivity world of direction, both had taken the positivity world of the nature that has been negative to thy creator God. But yet, the creator so love thy creation, that thy creation has been given a password to an eternity for anyone who believed.

The fact to all above the words, right from the Holy Scripts is the fact of the love of God that has been shown to the world and that is of course the Son of the most Highest God thy Heavenly Father; thy Holy Son Jesus Christ. Yes, Jesus Christ, who has been taken a footstep just like an images of the nature of a living breath, thy creation. Born in Bethlehem, was rise up and grown up in Nazareth, and was Baptized by John the Baptist at the River of Jordan in an Israel, near the Sea of Galilee. After thy Baptism, what has been came for and what had been the mission for, has been declare through the words of repentants. For it is through thy repentances that one could come back to the positive direction of thy creator God, from the positive world of the nature of living. In time and time again, thy Holy Son came to an exploration and an expansion of the true mission as of love in a positive direction, and that's only the steps to an eternity, and that is through the greatest gift of all.

Death by a thousand and thousand of condemnations and judgments as of the world of a positive nature of beings. Yet had nothing to condemned for, but took the responsibility and as of a plan of thy Heavenly Father God as of it is in hand at the Garden of Gethsemane. To death at the Calvary Cross in Golgotha in an Old Jerusalem, which is a land situated under the Promise Land. Lastly, crucifixion to death, unseen image, but had risen and does live. O' Jerusalem!

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on May 2019
Western Wall in Jerusalem

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte in Jerusalem
O' Jerusalem Cover Artwork

Alright, now I'm going to write about this O' Jerusalem, one of my Single Album which was released two years ago today. It was released on July 31st, 2019.

About the Cover Artwork:

This image is the Cover Artwork of my Single O' Jerusalem. This picture has been taken at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on May 2019. It was on our family tour to Holy Land that we've been to, during the time I had this image capture to myself in the Great Wall of Jerusalem. So, now it has been the main image of O' Jerusalem, one of my single released. This Wall of Jerusalem is one wall of a praying wall that never ended. Prayer goes through out the year, and years and decades. Some, with a muted voice, and some without. So, on this moment of time of my prayer, I even does had a very very few words, out of all other words that has been spoken to a global planet called earth. I even had myself video captured saying out those three words, and that's God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. The video is here under:

About the Song:

The writing has been done out of the world. What meant the most is the one and only Lord Jesus Christ, who has been crucified at the Calvary Cross in Golgotha, in an Old Jerusalem. In this song, the most highlighting is the chorus O' Jerusalem, which does have bring all other written words in the verses came into conclusion at the Calvary Cross that exactly happen and occur to Jesus Christ in an Old Jerusalem. Amen!

While I started writing the verses, I said to myself to write what doesn't have meaning, and does wrote them as it has been today. And, as I proceeding to the chorus highlighting, this does came into my mind to make it the most highlighting, and that's Jerusalem, where Jesus Christ has been the main invisible spiritual network while writing this chorus. The core backbone to this is Jesus in Jerusalem. This has been the outcome today. Amen!

About an Audio & Music Video:

After the majority of the lyric has been written down, I had started recording by setting up my DAW. Had put on my Traveler Mini Acoustic Guitar with an audio interface connected, mic on, guitar on, started recording. The mixing and editing has been workout through my DAW in adding some sort of FX sound. It has been mastered through an eMastered, which is an instant mastering sound engineer, and that's through an online programming. So, as of two years of O' Jerusalem in public, that has been what it is till today.

As the mastered audio file of O' Jerusalem has been final, music video making session has been organized, and the music video for O' Jerusalem has been shoot inside my recording studio by using a green screen background, in which the video was further edited, and came into mastered official music video. The production of the music video has been done with the Bilywaif Films. So, as of the video promotional has been taken since its released and published, it has been listen and view by a millions today.

Conclusion and Benediction:

Well, most of all, it's been really two years of O' Jerusalem. Being alive after all this year by the Grace of God thy Heavenly Father through thy Holy Son Jesus Christ. Thanks to all the living being who has been a true hardcore lover of O' Jerusalem. May the Lord God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit fulfilled each and everyone who believed with understanding and blessing. Amen!


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